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  • (file)

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fiksi (present fiksas, past fiksis, future fiksos, conditional fiksus, volitive fiksu)

  1. (transitive) to fix, to attach, to fasten, to stick
  2. (transitive, figurative) to fix, set, establish
  3. (transitive, neologism) to fix, to repair

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From Dutch fictie, from Latin fictiō. Cognate to Afrikaans fiksie.

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  • IPA(key): [ˈfɪk̚si]
  • Rhymes: -si, -i
  • Hyphenation: fik‧si

Noun edit

fiksi (first-person possessive fiksiku, second-person possessive fiksimu, third-person possessive fiksinya)

  1. fiction:
    1. (literature) literary type using invented or imaginative writing, instead of real facts, usually written as prose.
      Synonyms: cerita rekaan, cerkan, cereka (Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore)
    2. a verbal or written account that is not based on actual events (often intended to mislead).
      Synonyms: khayalan, rekaan
      Antonym: kenyataan

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