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gâteau (plural gâteaux or gâteaus)

  1. Alternative form of gateau
    • 2016, Martha Grimes, ‎Ken Grimes, Double Double: A Dual Memoir of Alcoholism (page 88)
      Julie was a froster, the glamour job at the factory. She wore her cute white hat cocked at a jaunty angle while working a big white bag of frosting, twisting it rapidly in her hands to create the various designs on top of the gâteaux.

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Inherited from Middle French gasteau, from Old French gastel, from Frankish *wastil, from Proto-Germanic *wastilaz, from Proto-Indo-European *wes- (to eat; consume). Compare Old English wist (food; provision; feast) and obsolete English wastel, Sicilian guasteḍḍa (a kind of round bread).

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gâteau m (plural gâteaux)

  1. a sponge cake, i.e. a cake made with a chemical leavening agent (e.g. baking powder), making it light and airy (as opposed to a denser torte)
  2. (Louisiana) a cookie

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