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From Proto-Vietic *t-kəɲ. Traditionally regarded as a non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: cận).

There have been some proposals, including Miyake (2015) and Trần Trí Dõi (2016), that this term is not a loanword. The earliest layer of Sinitic loans in Vietic usually show the shift of *-r > *-n characteristic of the later stages of Old Chinese. However, there is no motivation for the shift of this *-n to *-ɲ (Rục kept Vietic *-n as is after all vowels).

In any case, cognate with Muong Bi khênh, Chut [Rục] təkiɲ¹, Arem kɨ̀ɲ.

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gần (𧵆)

  1. near; nearby; close (to)
    Antonyms: xa, ngái

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gần (𧵆)

  1. nearly; almost

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