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grill +‎ -er


griller (plural grillers)

  1. One who, or that which, grills.
    • 2002, Karen Adler, Judith M Fertig, Fish and shellfish, grilled and smoked
      For the novice fish griller, firm-fleshed fish steaks (salmon, tuna, swordfish, shark) will be the easiest to grill.
  2. Food suitable for grilling.
    • 1994 July 21, Faye Fiore, “Congress relishes another franking privilege: Meat lobby puts on the dog with exclusive luncheon for lawmakers – experts on pork”, in Los Angeles Times[1]:
      Congressmen gleefully wolfed down every imaginable version of the hot dog – smoked kielbasas, jumbo grillers, Big & Juicy's, kosher dogs and spiced dogs []



  • IPA(key): /ɡʁ
  • (file)



  1. to toast (cook with a toaster)
  2. to grill (cook with a grill)
  3. (intransitive) to toast (heat up, said of e.g. skin)
  4. (colloquial) to smoke (a cigarette)
    • 1963, Nicolas Bouvier, L'Usage du Monde, 2005 ed., Payot & Rivages, →ISBN, p. 164
      Puis je restais là, étendu dans le noir, à griller une cigarette et regarder dans ma tête jusqu'à ce que des poings impatients qui martelaient la porte m'obligent à céder la place.
      — Then I would linger on, stretched out in the dark, having a smoke and meditating, until impatient fists hammering on the door made me give up my place. — 1992, Robyn Marsack (trans.), The Way of the World, 2011 ed., Eland, →ISBN
  5. to run (a stop sign or red light)


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griller m

  1. indefinite plural of grill



  1. present tense of grille