Vietnamese edit

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Etymology 1 edit

Adjective edit

hở ( - , )

  1. uncovered; unsealed; unclosed
  2. exposed; revealed
Derived terms edit
Derived terms

Etymology 2 edit

Particle edit


  1. (colloquial) final interrogative particle
    Synonym: hả
    Mới về hở?
    Did you just get home?
    Sao ngáo vậy hở thằng kia?
    God why do you have to be such a dumbass?
    Bây giờ mấy giờ rồi hở chị?
    Excuse me, what time is it?
Usage notes edit
  • Very often, hở is used in combination with ơi.
Bác ơi, bác có biết đến khách sạn đi đường nào không hở bác?Excuse me sir! Do you know the way to the hotel?