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A handi.

Etymology edit

From Hindustani ہانڈی / हांडी (hāṇḍī).

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Noun edit

handi (plural handis)

  1. A deep, narrow-mouthed vessel used in north Indian, Pakistani and Bengali cooking.

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Basque edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Basque *(h)andi.[1] Sometimes compared to Latin grandis.[2]

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Adjective edit

handi (comparative handiago, superlative handien, excessive handiegi)

  1. big, large

Declension edit

References edit

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  2. ^ Vennemann, Theo (1998) “Etymology and phonotactics: Latin grandis vs. Basque handi ‘big’ and similar problems”, in Journal of Indo-European Studies, volume 26, pages 345–390

Cinamiguin Manobo edit

Pronoun edit


  1. where

Norwegian Nynorsk edit

Noun edit

handi f

  1. (non-standard since 2012) definite singular of hand