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heart +‎ felt

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heartfelt (comparative more heartfelt, superlative most heartfelt)

  1. Believed or felt deeply and sincerely.
    a heartfelt apology
    She expressed her heartfelt sympathies at the death of his mother.
    • 1820, William Hazlitt, “Lecture I. Introductory.”, in Lectures Chiefly on the Dramatic Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. [], London: Stodart and Steuart, []; Edinburgh: Bell and Bradfute, →OCLC, page 2:
      [T]hey were not the spoiled children of affectation and refinement, but a bold, vigorous, independent race of thinkers, with prodigious strength and energy, with none but natural grace, and heartfelt unobtrusive delicacy.
    • 2022 November 19, Caryn James, “Spielberg’s The Fabelmans Review: An Emotional Crowd-pleaser”, in BBC[1]:
      Infused with family warmth, but with a knowing adult eye on the loss of innocence, it is one of the year's most genuinely heartfelt films.

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