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hyp- +‎ -onym = hypo- +‎ -nym; from Ancient Greek ὑπό (hupó, under) + ὄνυμα (ónuma) ("appellation"), a Doric specific dialectal form of ὄνομα (ónoma, name).

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hyponym (plural hyponyms)

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  1. (semantics) A more specific term; a subordinate grouping word or phrase; a term designating a subclass of another more general class described by the given word.
    The words “dog”, “cat”, and “human” are hyponyms of “animal” because dogs, cats, and humans are types of animal.
    • 1977, Ruth Kempson, Semantic Theory, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 86:
      Woman itself has as other hyponyms, sculptress and waitress, but is itself a hyponym of adult.

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  1. hyponymous

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Inflection of hyponym
Positive Comparative Superlative
Indefinte common singular hyponym 2
Indefinite neuter singular hyponymt 2
Plural hyponyme 2
Definite attributive1 hyponyme
1) When an adjective is applied predicatively to something definite, the corresponding "indefinite" form is used.
2) The "indefinite" superlatives may not be used attributively.

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hyponym n (singular definite hyponymet, plural indefinite hyponymer)

  1. hyponym
    Synonym: underbegreb

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hyponym c

  1. hyponym

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Declension of hyponym 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative hyponym hyponymen hyponymer hyponymerna
Genitive hyponyms hyponymens hyponymers hyponymernas