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Literally: “in eight days”, including the current day in the count (which is otherwise not done in German).


in acht Tagen

  1. (idiomatic) in a week; next week
    heute in acht Tagena week from today; next week on the same weekday
    morgen in acht Tagena week from tomorrow
    Donnerstag in acht Tagennext Thursday; Thursday of the following week
  2. (non-idiomatic) in eight days; in 8 x 24 hours

Usage notesEdit

  • The idiomatic sense is now found chiefly after gestern, heute, morgen, übermorgen, and days of the week. When used on its own, in acht Tagen is ambiguous. Many will tend to interpret it in the non-idiomatic sense these days, though this also depends on the context.
  • As seen from the examples, the exact number of intermediate days is not fixed. The phrase simply means that there is one entire week in between.