ingress +‎ -ion



ingression (plural ingressions)

  1. The act or process of entering or intruding.
    ingression of the sea onto land
  2. (metaphysics) The process by which a potentiality enters into actuality.
    • 1967, Whitehead's Metaphysics, Edward Pols[1], page 164:
      [] it is by virtue of the individual essence that an eternal object remains precisely the same eternal object through all its ingressions []
  3. (biology) The inward migration of cells from the blastula during gastrulation.
    • 1940, Libbie Henrietta Hyman, The Invertebrates, page 496:
      Ingression of ectodermal cells from the area between the velar lobes establishes the cerebral ganglia and similar ingressions produce the other ganglia.

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