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From Jehu, son of Nimshi. 2 Kings 9:20


jehu (plural jehus)

  1. (colloquial, dated) A coachman; a driver; especially, one who drives furiously.
    • 1850s, Cuthbert M. Bede, The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
      Among those who seemed disposed to join in this opinion was the Jehu of the Warwickshire coach, who expressed his conviction to our hero, that "he wos a young gent as had much himproved hisself since he tooled him up to the Warsity with his guvnor."




Probably from Jehu, who became the king of Israel (2 Kings 9).



  1. guy, fella, sport (normally with an attribute, man who behaves or reacts in an admirable manner)
    Hän on kova jehu - hän on voittanut Suomen mestaruuden neljä kertaa peräkkäin.
    He is a tough guy - he has won the Finnish championship four times in a row.


Inflection of jehu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative jehu jehut
genitive jehun jehujen
partitive jehua jehuja
illative jehuun jehuihin
singular plural
nominative jehu jehut
accusative nom. jehu jehut
gen. jehun
genitive jehun jehujen
partitive jehua jehuja
inessive jehussa jehuissa
elative jehusta jehuista
illative jehuun jehuihin
adessive jehulla jehuilla
ablative jehulta jehuilta
allative jehulle jehuille
essive jehuna jehuina
translative jehuksi jehuiksi
instructive jehuin
abessive jehutta jehuitta
comitative jehuineen
Possessive forms of jehu (type valo)
possessor singular plural
1st person jehuni jehumme
2nd person jehusi jehunne
3rd person jehunsa


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