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From Italian carrozza

A karozzin.


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karozzin (plural karozzini)

  1. (Malta) A type of traditional carriage pulled by horses.
    • 1969, Bryan Balls, Traveller's Guide to Malta: A Concise Guide to the Mediterranean Islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, page 15:
      The Maltese horse-drawn cab - the karozzin - was introduced in 1856 and is still a familiar sight in Valletta.
    • 2000, Aline P'nina Tayar, How Shall We Sing?: A Mediterranean Journey Through a Jewish Family:
      When Valletta's breathless heat became intolerable, the family would load all their furniture onto carts and, with their two maids, climb into two horse-drawn karozzin.
    • 2004, Joseph Binnici, A Chronicle of Twentieth Century Malta, page 28:
      In the face of stiff competition from the trams, the karozzini or gharries go on strike and assemble on the glacis outside Portes Des Bombes.
    • 2005 May 15, “One Big joke”, in Malta Independent[1]:
      On Friday 13 May at 2.30pm, at the entrance to Mdina, a karozzin driver had the cheek to ask four young Spanish tourists, presumably here for a few hours on a cruise, Lm30 for a 20 to 30 minute panoramic tour of the Silent City.

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