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English edit

Noun edit

kwai (plural kwai)

  1. Alternative form of kuai (yuan, Chinese currency)

Anagrams edit

Hadza edit

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

kwai m (masc. plural kwaibii, fem. kwaiko, fem. plural kwaibee) (Note: the form after a determiner is kwai)

  1. warthog

Related terms edit

Wala edit

Noun edit


  1. water

Further reading edit

  • Jesse Lovegren, Alice Mitchell, and Natsuko Nakagawa, The Wala language of Malaita, Solomon Islands (2015)

Ye'kwana edit

Alternative forms edit

  • chai (allomorph after i)

Etymology edit

From Proto-Cariban [Term?]. Compare Apalaí kuae, Hixkaryana kwaye, Macushi kapai, and Waiwai kway.

Pronunciation edit

Postposition edit


  1. through, by; indicates motion by way of an aquatic object

Usage notes edit

This postposition cannot take person markers to indicate its object.

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References edit

  • Cáceres, Natalia (2011) Grammaire Fonctionnelle-Typologique du Ye’kwana[1], Lyon, pages 267–272