See also: lich, Lich, and -lich

Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from .

Noun edit

(classifier cuốn, quyển) lịch

  1. a calendar
  2. a timetable or schedule with specific dates rather than days of the week
    lịch học/làm việca learning/work schedule

Etymology 2 edit

Noun edit

(classifier con) lịch

  1. Central Vietnam and Southern Vietnam form of lệch (eel of the genus Pisodonophis)
    Con lươn, con lịch, con chình;
    Ba con dưới nước cái mình trơn u.
    The spiny eel, the snake-eel, the freshwater eel;
    All three dwell underwater and are smooth-bodied

Etymology 3 edit

Adjective edit


  1. Southern Vietnam form of lệch (inclined; uneven; aberrant)