Old NorseEdit


From Proto-Germanic *langaz, whence also Old English lang, Old High German lang.


langr (comparative lengri, superlative lengstr)

  1. long, far, distant (of distance and length)
    langt sverð
    a long sword
    Þeir áttu eigi langt til eyjarinnar.
    They had no long distance to the island.
  2. long (of space and time)
    lǫng stund
    a long while, a long time
  3. long, wearisome



  • Icelandic: langur
  • Faroese: langur
  • Norn: lang
  • Norwegian Nynorsk: lang
  • Norwegian Bokmål: lang
  • Old Swedish: langer
  • Danish: lang
  • Gutnish: langgar, langgår, langgur


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