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less is more

  1. That which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated than what is more complicated; simplicity is preferable to complexity; brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity.
    • 1855, Robert Browning, "Andrea del Sarto" poem in Men and Women collection:
      Well, less is more, Lucrezia: I am judged.
    • 1954 June 14, "‘Less Is More’," Time:
      The essence of Mies's architectural philosophy is in his famous and sometimes derided phrase, "Less is more." This means, he says, having "the greatest effect with the least means."
    • 2007 March 3, Gia Kourlas, "Dance Review: An Ordered World Defined With Soothing Spareness," New York Times (retrieved 22 Oct 2008):
      The program, which features two premieres—"Songs," a solo, and "The Pleasure of Stillness," a quartet—is founded on the notion that less is more.

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