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From Middle English lyftyme, equivalent to life +‎ time. Cognate with Icelandic líftími (lifetime). Compare also Saterland Frisian Lieuwendstied, Dutch leeftijd and levenstijd, German Low German Levenstied, German Lebenszeit, Danish livstid, Swedish livstid.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈlaɪftaɪm/
  • (file)

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lifetime (plural lifetimes)

  1. The duration of the life of someone or something.
    Synonym: lifespan
    a project that will take many human lifetimes to complete
    the operational lifetime of an aircraft component
    comes with a lifetime warranty
  2. (informal, hyperbolic) A long period of time.
    I've been waiting a lifetime for a train.
    Synonyms: ages, (UK slang) donkey's years, eternity, (UK slang) years, yonks

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