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From lobster +‎ -woman, modelled after lobsterman.


  • IPA(key): /ˈlɒbstə(ɹ)wʊmən/
    • (file)


lobsterwoman (plural lobsterwomen)

  1. A female fisher for lobsters, female equivalent of lobsterman.
    Hypernyms: fisherwoman, lobsterer, lobsterman (m and f)
    Coordinate terms: lobsterman (m), lobsterperson
    • 2005, Karen V. Siplin, Such a Girl, page 305:
      Maybe I'll become a lobsterwoman.
    • 2008 June 22, Jennifer Finney Boylan, “A Political Shell Game”, in New York Times[1]:
      The author (and lobsterwoman) Linda Greenlaw, about to depart on a book tour for her new mystery, admitted to me that Mr. Obama’s emergence as the Democratic nominee was a historic, awe-inspiring moment —— not that she’s going to vote for him.
    • 2015, Theodore Weesner, Harbor Lights:
      Marian wished for the moment that she'd gone with her father long ago and become a lobsterwoman, running a boat of her own.
    • 2019, Jordan Reeves, ‎Jen Lee Reeves, Born Just Right, page 73:
      And there are always lobster boats out with lobstermen and lobsterwomen working to catch someone's dinner!
  2. (fiction) A female alien or monster that appears like a human/lobster hybrid
    Hypernym: lobsterman (m and f)
    Coordinate term: lobsterman (m)
    • 1996, Joan MacCracken, The Sun, the Rain, and the Insulin: Growing Up with Diabetes, page 210:
      Pat's looks like a washerwoman, and mine, which I like the best, is a lobsterwoman with a lobsterbaby on her lap.
    • 2010, Charles Stross, Accelerando:
      'You can't be Pamela Macx,' says Pierre, his back to the wall, keeping the sword point before the lobsterwoman-thing.
    • 2010, W. Spurlin, ‎J. Hayes, ‎Margaret R. Higonnet, Comparatively Queer:
      They ranged from the display of tattooed women as exotic pictures—like Salome/ "the famous Oriental beauty tattooed in seven colors," seen at Luna Park in 1912 (ATP, Fonds Soury, vol. 19, 149 top and bottom), a deeply erotic, nonnormative performance—to the virile displays of the female animal tamer's courage, to the gender inappropriate but familiar woman wrestler, and to the “monsters” such as mule women or lobster women.
    • 2013, Graeme Garden, ‎Jon Naismith, The Unbelievable Truth, page 185:
      The low-budget 1964 horror movie Vengeance of the Lobsterwoman provided Meryl Streep with her first starring role, opposite Roger Moore who played the Lobsterwoman.

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