long-distance (comparative longer-distance, superlative longest-distance)

  1. Over a great length or distance.
    He is a long-distance runner.
    • 2020 May 6, Prof. Andrew McNaughton, “Time to challenge some sacred philosophies of recent years”, in Rail, page 35:
      In the short to medium term, there appears to be no practical alternative to petroleum-based traction power. An electric long-distance lorry is like a concrete air balloon - its weight in batteries exceeds its carrying capacity.
  2. Referring to a non-local telephone call; a toll call.
    The hotel does not allow for long-distance phone calls.
  3. Referring to a romantic relationship: between two people with a considerable distance between them.
    They are in a long-distance relationship.
    • 2009, Wesley L. Ford, How to Pick a Lover: For Women Who Want to Win at Love (page 176)
      Long-distance lovers are often not too sure just what they are feeling. Worse, they are often not too sure what their absent playmates want them to be feeling.