long pig


Alternative formsEdit


long pig ‎(uncountable)

  1. Human flesh used by cannibals of the Pacific as meat.
    • 1857, R M Ballantyne, The Coral Island
      "As a long pig!" I exclaimed in surprise; "why what does he mean by that?" "He means somethin' very unpleasant," answered Bill with a frown.
    • 1968, Osa Johnson, I Married Adventure
      If we were reckless enough to risk being served up as "long pig" by the savages of Malekula, that was our lookout, not his.
    • 2002, William C Miller, Long Pig
      While Melanesian cannibals make "long pig," barbecuing enemies, legal and political cannibals in San Francisco put a beautiful wealthy woman, Penny Penny Hill, on trial for murder...