See also: misto, mišto, miśto, and mișto

Czech edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Old Czech miesto, from Proto-Slavic *město. Doublet of město. Cognates include Slovak miesto.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈmiːsto]
  • (file)

Noun edit

místo n

  1. place (location, position)
    Synonym: poloha
  2. place (seat)
  3. space (occupied by or intended for a person or thing)
    Pro tuto pohovku v této místnosti není dost místa.There's not enough space for this couch in this room.
  4. place (as in decimal place)
    Odpověď na tři desetinná místa zní 1,245.The answer is 1.245, to three decimal places.
  5. job, employment
  6. locus (a place or locality, especially a centre of activity or the scene of a crime)

Declension edit

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Preposition edit

místo [+genitive]

  1. instead of, in lieu of
    Synonym: namísto

Further reading edit

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