From Proto-Vietic *ɓǝt. Cognate with Muong Bi bất, Arem bʉt.



mất (, 𠅍, 𡘮, 𠅎, 𠅐, , )

  1. to lose something
  2. (formal, euphemistic) to die
    Antonym: còn
  3. to take (time)
    Chuyến đi phải mất một ngày.
    The trip takes one day.

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms


mất (, 𠅍, 𡘮, 𠅎, 𠅐, , )

  1. used to indicate the absence of something after the action expressed in the verb
    • 1957, Đoàn Giỏi, chapter 9, in Đất rừng phương Nam, Kim Đồng:
      Bầy ong hoảng hốt nối nhau bay mất không còn một con.
      The swarming bees in their panic all together flew away until not one was left.
  2. placed after an adjective or a verb to indicate something considered unfavourable
    Dầm mưa miết vầy thì cảm mất.
    You will end up with a cold if you keep going out in the rain unprotected like this.
    Chết mất thôi.
    God, I'm so screwed.