minette (plural minettes)

  1. (dated) The smallest of regular sizes of portrait photographs.
    • 1893, Columbian Exposition Dedication Ceremonies Memorial
      The title page bears a minette portrait of the Duke being crowned by the hand of an ideal figure of Chicago, and below are the coat-of-arms and motto of the Duke's house.
    • 1981, Lou W. McCulloch, Card Photographs: A Guide to Their History and Value (page 161)
      [] there were hundreds of other sizes of photographic prints ranging from a minette novelty to mammoth views.
  2. (mineralogy) A mineral deposit consisting of iron ore of sedimentary origin, found in the south of Luxembourg and in Lorraine.
    • 1977, Navajo Kimberlites and Minettes
      The minettes of Buell Mountain are felsic, and many contain ground-mass quartz.



  • IPA(key): /mi.nɛt/
  • (file)

Etymology 1Edit

From minet.


minette f (plural minettes, masculine minet)

  1. female equivalent of minet; (female) kitten
    Synonym: minet
  2. (female) puss, pussycat
  3. (colloquial) cool chick, very young girl
    • 1995, Jean-Claude Izzo, Total Khéops:
      Malgré ses quarante ans, elle pouvait sans honte s'aligner devant des flopées de minettes.
    • 1996, “Rimes féminines”, in Rimes féminines, performed by Juliette:
      Permettez à votre Juliette / De ne point mûrir en minette / Mais en Colette / En Mistinguett / Ou pourquoi pas madame de Lafayette
      Don't let your Juliette / Grow up to be just some hot chick / Instead Colette / Mistinguett / Or why not Madame de La Fayette
  4. (slang) muff diving, cunnilingus
    faire la minetteto perform cunnilingus

Derived termsEdit

  • Dutch: minetten (cunnilingus) (Flemish and Limburgish)
  • Russian: мине́т (minét, blowjob)
  • Polish: mineta (cunnilingus)
  • Portuguese: minete (cunnilingus)

Etymology 2Edit

From mine +‎ -ette.


minette f (plural minettes)

  1. (mineralogy) Kind of iron mineral.

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