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the moon on a stick

  1. (idiomatic) Everything; all that one could desire (especially as an unreasonable demand).
    • 2002, Donald Clarke, Billie Holiday: Wishing on the Moon:
      Once I saved twenty-five dollars and bought her a print gown for her birthday, and she was so pleased you'd have thought I'd given her the moon on a stick.
    • 2002, Martin Parker, Utopia and organization:
      There is no point in asking for the moon on a stick, but we can produce cheap sticks through a sensible division of labour and sell them with effective market segmentation strategies. Leave the moon for dreamers.
    • 2006, Stella Hyde; Tonwen Jones, Snarling Tiger, Dirty Rat:
      You promise partners the moon on a stick, so that you can snatch it back easily when you change your mind.
    • 2007, Pamela Cotterill; Sue Jackson; Gayle Letherby, Challenges and Negotiations for Women in Higher Education:
      What more do I want — the moon on a stick of course.

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