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moral +‎ -ly

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morally (comparative more morally, superlative most morally)

  1. In terms of morals or ethics.
    Morally, it is a difficult issue to deal with.
    • 2024 March 2, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, quoting Dirk Van de Put, “Western groups stay put in Russia as war fatigue dulls outcry”, in FT Weekend, Companies & Markets, page 11:
      There is no pressure to leave, Mondelez chief executive Dirk Van de Put admitted last week, claiming that investors did not “morally care” whether companies such as the Chicago-based chocolate maker did business in Russia.
  2. In keeping of requirements of morality.
    to behave morally
  3. To all intents and purposes; practically.

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  • (antonym(s) of "in keeping of requirements of morality"): immorally

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