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Compund of naturbruk (natural resource use) +‎ -s- +‎ program (programme) +‎ -et.


naturbruksprogrammet n

  1. (official) the natural resource use programme, the vocational program in a Swedish gymnasium that focuses on skills in biology, entrepreneurship, and natural resource use ​with – depending on orientation – further focus in animal care, horse husbandry, agriculture, eco-tourism, forestry, or gardens and horticulture; as well as general preparations for tertiary-level education
    Synonyms: naturbruk (natural resource use), skog (forestry), turism (tourism)
    Holonyms: linje (dated), program

Usage notesEdit

Due to its length, this version of the word is more commonly found in official circumstances. More informal and casual settings often use the shorter synonyms.

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