Aromanian edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology 1 edit

From Latin dīrectus, probably from Vulgar Latin *dērēctus (or through a syncopated variant Late Latin drictus), and with the prefix n- added later within Aromanian. Compare Romanian drept.

Adjective edit

ndreptu (feminine singular ndreaptã)

  1. straight
  2. right (direction)
  3. right, fair, just
  4. (masculine singular past passive participle of ndreg used as an adjective) repaired, fixed, mended, restored
Antonyms edit
  • (antonym(s) of "straight"): strãmbu
  • (antonym(s) of "right (direction)"): stãngu
  • (antonym(s) of "right, just"): nidreptu
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Noun edit

ndreptu (plural ndrepturi)

  1. right

Etymology 2 edit

From the above, or from (ã)n- + Vulgar Latin root *directō, or from *indirectō, from Latin dīrectus. Compare Romanian îndrepta, îndrept.

Alternative forms edit

Verb edit

ndreptu first-singular present indicative (past participle ndriptatã)

  1. to straighten, make straight, straighten out
  2. to guide
  3. to level
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