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From neprāts (irrationality) +‎ -ība (with neprāts from ne- +‎ prāts (reason, understanding, mind)).


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neprātība f (4th declension)

  1. folly, foolishness (lack of reason; behavior, action not well thought out, contrary to the principles of reason)
    apvaldīt savu neprātībuto moderate, to control one's folly
    neprātībā nezina, ko darain (his) folly (he) doesn't know what he is doing
    izdarīt neprātībuto do something foolish
    protams, bija tīrā neprātība ziemas laikā doties kājām tik garā ceļāof course, it was sheer folly to go walking such a long way in winter
    ko lai sacītu uz tādām neprātībāmwhat can one say to such follies?



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