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    Cardinal: nineteen
    Ordinal: nineteenth
    Adverbial: nineteen times
    Multiplier: nineteenfold
    Collective: nineteensome
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  • Arabic numerals: 19. Roman symbols: XIX

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From Middle English nynetene, nintene, from Old English niġontīene, niġontēne, from Proto-Germanic *newuntehun. Cognate with Dutch negentien, Low German negenteihn, Hunsrik neinzen, German neunzehn, Danish nitten.

Equivalent to nine +‎ -teen

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  1. The cardinal number occurring after eighteen and before twenty, represented in Roman numerals as XIX and in Arabic numerals as 19. It is the last/largest of the "teens".
    • 1997, Swan Dive (lyrics and music), “Groovy Tuesday” (track 1), in Wintergreen, performed by Swan Dive:
      She says groovy like it's nineteen sixty-nine.

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  • (adj. of the number 19 or a 19-year period): decennoval

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