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nobre m or f (plural nobres)

  1. noble

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From Old Portuguese nobre, from Latin nōbilis (noble), from nōscō (I know; I recognise), from Proto-Indo-European *ǵneh₃-.



nobre m or f (plural nobres, comparable)

  1. noble (pertaining to nobility)
    Minha família tem sangue nobre.
    My family has noble blood.
    Synonyms: [Term?], aristocrático, cortês, fidalgo
  2. noble; honorable; virtuous (morally good)
    Aquela doação foi um ato bastante nobre.
    That donation was quite a noble act.
  3. Synonyms: digno, honorável, virtuoso, magnânimo, benevolente
  4. high-end; high-quality; prized (having exceptionally high quality)
    1. (carpentry, of wood) dense and resistant
      Não tive dinheiro para construir a escadaria de madeira nobre, então usei pinho.
      I didn’t have money to build the staircase with prized wood, so I used pine.
    2. (cooking, of fish) having few or no bones in its meat
      O atum é um peixe nobre.
      Tuna is a boneless fish.
    3. (of a neighbourhood or establishment) upper-class; wealthy
      Esse é o bairro mais nobre da cidade.
      This is the wealthiest neighbourhood in town.
      Synonyms: rico, burguês


nobre m, f (plural nobres)

  1. noble; aristocrat (member of nobility)
    Synonyms: fidalgo, aristocrata

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