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From ne (not) + ūllus (any), literally meaning "not any".



nūllus (feminine nūlla, neuter nūllum); first/second declension

  1. no one, none, not any
    Nūllum amat.
    He loves no one.


nūllus (feminine nūlla, neuter nūllum); first/second declension

  1. no, not any


First/second declension, with genitive singular in -īus and dative singular in .

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative nūllus nūlla nūllum nūllī nūllae nūlla
Genitive nūllīus nūllīus nūllīus nūllōrum nūllārum nūllōrum
Dative nūllī nūllī nūllī nūllīs nūllīs nūllīs
Accusative nūllum nūllam nūllum nūllōs nūllās nūlla
Ablative nūllō nūllā nūllō nūllīs nūllīs nūllīs
Vocative nūlle nūlla nūllum nūllī nūllae nūlla

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    • to devote every spare moment to...; to work without intermission at a thing: nullum tempus intermittere, quin (also ab opere, or ad opus)
    • to be of great (no) importance: magni (nullius) momenti esse
    • no opportunity of carrying out an object presents itself: nulla est facultas alicuius rei
    • to avoid no risk in order to..: nullum periculum recusare pro
    • I had not deserved it: nullo meo merito
    • not to leave off work for an instant: nullum tempus a labore intermittere
    • without any trouble: nullo negotio
    • without reflection; inconsiderately; rashly: nullo consilio, nulla ratione, temere
    • to make all possible haste to..: nullam moram interponere, quin (Phil. 10. 1. 1)
    • without delay: sine mora or nulla mora interposita
    • nothing will ever make me forgetful of him: memoriam eius nulla umquam delebit (obscurabit) oblivio (Fam. 2. 1)
    • to know nothing of logic: disserendi artem nullam habere
    • to arrange on strictly logical principles: ratione, eleganter (opp. nulla ratione, ineleganter, confuse) disponere aliquid
    • to say nothing either for or against an argument: in nullam partem disputare
    • no sound passed his lips: nulla vox est ab eo audita
    • to not say a word: nullum (omnino) verbum facere
    • no word escaped him: nullum verbum ex ore eius excidit (or simply ei)
    • not to understand a single word: verbum prorsus nullum intellegere
    • to possess not the least spark of feeling: nullam partem sensus habere
    • to fulfil one's duty in every detail: nullam officii partem deserere
    • to act reasonably, judiciously: prudenter, considerate, consilio agere (opp. temere, nullo consilio, nulla ratione)
    • to be conscious of no ill deed: nullius culpae sibi conscium esse
    • with no moderation: sine modo; nullo modo adhibito
    • to have no principles: omnia temere agere, nullo iudicio uti
    • absence of scruples, unconscientiousness: nulla religio
    • to have no constitution, be in anarchy: nullam habere rem publicam
    • to be neutral: nullius or neutrius (of two) partis esse
    • lawlessness; anarchy: leges nullae
    • lawlessness; anarchy: iudicia nulla
    • there are whispers of the appointment of a dictator: non nullus odor est dictaturae (Att. 4. 18)
    • absence of justice: ius nullum
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