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Deverbal from oddzielić.[1] First attested in 1572.[2] Compare Kashubian òddzél, Russian отде́л (otdél), and Silesian ôddzioł.

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Noun edit

oddział m inan (diminutive oddzialik, related adjective oddziałowy)

  1. (military) unit, squad (group of soldiers)
    Synonyms: formacja, jednostka, poczet
  2. department, branch (particular part of an enterprise or institution specialized in something)
    Synonyms: dział, wydział
    1. department, branch (those working in such a part)
  3. branch (part of a large enterprise or institution that is an independent facility)
    Synonyms: agenda, ekspozytura, filia
    1. department, branch (those working in such a part)
  4. ward (part of a hospital where patients reside)
    1. ward (building holding such a part)
    2. ward (those working in such a part)
  5. (somewhat archaic) grade (one of the groups into which children or adolescents are divided at school or kindergarten)
    Synonym: klasa
  6. (obsolete, originally) team (any organized group of people)

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Trivia edit

According to Słownik frekwencyjny polszczyzny współczesnej (1990), oddział is one of the most used words in Polish, appearing 12 times in scientific texts, 49 times in news, 8 times in essays, 23 times in fiction, and 6 times in plays, each out of a corpus of 100,000 words, totaling 98 times, making it the 643rd most common word in a corpus of 500,000 words.[3]

References edit

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