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From Proto-Finnic *otava, from Proto-Uralic *oča (dam net, enclosure). The suffix is unexplained. Cognates include Karelian otava, Votic otava, Ludian adam, Estonian odamus (dialectal).[1]

The brown bear in Finnish actually became known as otava, which is assumed to stem from its resemblance to—and mythical origin from—the asterism Otava (Big Dipper).[2][3] The cartwheel meaning of the word might be related to the Scandinavian interpretation of the Big Dipper as "Charles's Wagon" (Swedish Karlavagnen, Norwegian Karlsvogna, or Danish Karlsvognen).



  1. (archaic, dialectal) cartwheel
  2. (obsolete) A kind of fish trap, salmon net.

Usage notesEdit

This is really a term only known for its use in Otava.


Inflection of otava (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative otava otavat
genitive otavan otavien
partitive otavaa otavia
illative otavaan otaviin
singular plural
nominative otava otavat
accusative nom. otava otavat
gen. otavan
genitive otavan otavien
partitive otavaa otavia
inessive otavassa otavissa
elative otavasta otavista
illative otavaan otaviin
adessive otavalla otavilla
ablative otavalta otavilta
allative otavalle otaville
essive otavana otavina
translative otavaksi otaviksi
instructive otavin
abessive otavatta otavitta
comitative otavineen


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