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A loanword from Old Swedish corresponding to Modern Swedish påle (cognate with English pole); ultimately from Latin pālus.


  • IPA(key): /ˈpɑːlu/, [ˈpɑːlu]
  • Hyphenation: paa‧lu



  1. stake, pole (long and slender piece of wood or other material, often pointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a marker or a support or stay)
    toteemipaalutotem pole
  2. pile (large stake, driven into the earth or sea-bed for the support of a building, a pier, etc.)
    paalujunttapile driver
  3. (historical) the stake (upright piece of timber to which a person condemned to death by burning alive was affixed)
  4. (heraldry) pale
  5. (slang) money

Usage notesEdit


Inflection of paalu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative paalu paalut
genitive paalun paalujen
partitive paalua paaluja
illative paaluun paaluihin
singular plural
nominative paalu paalut
accusative nom. paalu paalut
gen. paalun
genitive paalun paalujen
partitive paalua paaluja
inessive paalussa paaluissa
elative paalusta paaluista
illative paaluun paaluihin
adessive paalulla paaluilla
ablative paalulta paaluilta
allative paalulle paaluille
essive paaluna paaluina
translative paaluksi paaluiksi
instructive paaluin
abessive paalutta paaluitta
comitative paaluineen