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Via other European languages, ultimately borrowed from Latin pergamīna, from Ancient Greek Περγαμηνός (Pergamēnós, of Pergamon), which is named for the Ancient city of Pergamon (modern Bergama) in Asia Minor, where it was invented as an expensive alternative for papyrus.


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pergaments m (1st declension)

  1. parchment (material made from animal skin and used for writing)
    pergamentam bija vajadzīgs jauns tintes sastāvs, tāds, kas stabili ieēstos ādāthe parchment needed a new kind of ink, one that would eat into the skin
    ledusskapī glabājamie produkti jāietin pergamenta, folija vai polietilēna, tā produkti neapkaltīsfoodstuffs to be conserved in a refrigerator must be wrapped in parchment, foil or polyethylene, so that they don't become dry on the surface
  2. parchment (such material covered with writing)
    zem stikla vitrīnas muzejā mierīgi atdusas lielākais armēņu pergaments pasaulēunder the glass showcase of the museum was, resting peacefully, the biggest Armenian perchment in the world
    es simtgadīgo ķieģeļu kaudzē atradu vecu manuskriptu... tas bija arābu burtiem ar melnu un sarkanu tušu aprakstīts pergamentsI found an old manuscript in a pile of hundred-year-old bricks... it was a parchment covered with Arabic letters in black and red ink


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  1. indefinite genitive singular/plural of pergament