From Latin pectināre.


pettinàre (first-person singular present pèttino, first-person singular past historic pettinài, past participle pettinàto, auxiliary avére) (transitive)

  1. to comb, dress (hair, fur, etc.)
    Synonyms: acconciare, ravviare, spazzolare
    pettinare i capelli ricci
    to comb the curly hair
  2. (by extension) to comb the hair or fur of
    Synonyms: acconciare, sistemare, spazzolare
    pettinare il bambinoto comb the child's hair
    pettinare il gattoto comb the cat's fur
  3. (manufacturing, by extension) to comb; to card; to tease; to hackle (fabric)
  4. (humorous) to give a beating; to knock some sense into
    se non lo fai, io ti pettino!
    if you don't do it, I'll knock some sense into you
  5. to criticize harshly; to reprimand; to tell off
    Synonyms: sgridare, criticare; see also Thesaurus:rimproverare
  6. (journalism, euphemistic, figurative, by extension) to fix up or polish a story, typically by distorting a fact or guiding a misleading narrative
  7. (archaic, poetic) to eat voraciously


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