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proscribe +‎ -er


proscriber (plural proscribers)

  1. One who, or that which, proscribes, denounces, or prohibits.
    • 1848, Alphonse de Lamartine, History of the Girondists: Or, Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution, volume 3:
      In a period of quiet, he had acquired the name of a man of worth; in darker days, he left the renown of a pitiless proscriber.
    • 1888, “The Four Presidents of the French Republic”, in The American Magazine, volume 25, page 156:
      “In principle,” he declared, “proscription is not only a crime, but a fault; history is full of instances, showing how proscribers have in their turn been forced into the ranks of the proscribed."
    • 2003, Betsy Blair, The Memory of All that: Love and Politics in New York, Hollywood, and Paris:
      I made no connection to the fact that the other proscribers of books were Hitler and the Catholic Church.