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From Mandarin 麒麟 (qílín). Doublet of kirin.


qilin (plural qilins)

  1. A mythical Chinese hooved chimerical creature, said to appear in conjunction with the arrival of a sage.
    • 1989, Ernst J. Grube, Eleanor G. Sims, Islamic Art: Volume 3
      ...a red and gold textile with phoenixes in one row swooping towards qilins in the next amidst a densely foliated ground...
    • 2001, David J. Roxburgh, Prefacing the image: the writing of art history in sixteenth-century Iran
      Roundel depicting dragon attacked by qilins; mounted on an album page.
    • 2010, Molly Blaisdell, Necdet Yilmaz, Truth about Unicorns
      When the qilin leaves, the emperor traces the shapes he saw into the dirt.