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From Medieval Latin reduplicātus, from reduplicāre, from re- with duplicāre.[1]

Adjective edit

reduplicate (comparative more reduplicate, superlative most reduplicate)

  1. doubled
  2. (botany) valvate with the margins curved outwardly
  3. (botany) folded, with the abaxial surfaces facing one another

Verb edit

reduplicate (third-person singular simple present reduplicates, present participle reduplicating, simple past and past participle reduplicated)

  1. (transitive) To double again: to multiply: to repeat.
  2. (transitive, linguistics) To repeat (a word or part of a word) in order to form a new word or phrase, possibly with modification of one of the repetitions.

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  1. ^ Douglas Harper (2001–2024) “reduplicate”, in Online Etymology Dictionary.

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reduplicate f

  1. feminine plural of reduplicato

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