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Etymology edit

re- +‎ model

Verb edit

remodel (third-person singular simple present remodels, present participle remodeling or remodelling, simple past and past participle remodeled or remodelled)

  1. To change the appearance, layout, or furnishings of.
    • 1939 September, D. S. Barrie, “The Railways of South Wales”, in Railway Magazine, page 161:
      Modern engine sheds of advanced design have also been built at Radyr, Abercynon, and elsewhere, whilst other depots have been remodelled and re-equipped.
    • 2020 January 2, Philip Haigh, “Is there relief to congestion along Castlefield Corridor?”, in Rail, page 22:
      The bad news is that few of NR's suggested answers can be delivered quickly. Many involve laying new tracks or remodelling junctions, while there's a suggestion that Oxford Road station itself needs to be rebuilt.

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Noun edit

remodel (plural remodels)

  1. Synonym of remodeling
    • 2008, Marilyn Pappano, Intimate Enemy[1]:
      The work on this remodel was slow going.

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