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re- +‎ schedule


reschedule (third-person singular simple present reschedules, present participle rescheduling, simple past and past participle rescheduled)

  1. (transitive) To schedule again or at a different time.
    We'll have to reschedule next Monday's meeting because of the public holiday.
  2. (transitive, US, law) To reclassify; to change the schedule (division into which something is classified) of.
    • 1997, Mary Lynn Mathre, Cannabis in Medical Practice, page 25:
      Judge Young had been considering a petition filed to have marijuana rescheduled under federal law.
    • 2000, Marijuana As Medicine?: The Science Beyond the Controversy:
      Moreover, marijuana could only be brought to market if it were rescheduled to acknowledge its “accepted medical use,” according to DEA standards.