re- +‎ tweet


retweet ‎(third-person singular simple present retweets, present participle retweeting, simple past and past participle retweeted)

  1. (Internet, transitive, neologism) To repost or forward another user's message on the social networking website Twitter.
    • 2009, Geert Conard, Friends with Benefits, Networking in a New Economy
      Because your messages will be relevant to them, they are much more likely to retweet your messages and recommend that other people follow you on Twitter.



retweet ‎(plural retweets)

  1. (Internet, neologism) A message reposted or forwarded in this way.
    • 2011, Dave Wooldridge, Michael Schneider, The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development (page 339)
      You know it's an iPhone or iPad app, but those new to you, who came via a retweet or Twitter search, may not know which platform your app supports.
    • 2013, Daxton Stewart, Social Media and the Law (page 42)
      According to Stewart's analysis, current case law makes it unlikely a retweeter would be held liable for a defamatory retweet []



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