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Alternative formsEdit


re- +‎ use


  • Noun: IPA(key): /ɹiːˈjuːs/
    • (file)
    • Rhymes: -uːs
  • Verb: IPA(key): /ɹiːˈjuːz/


reuse (countable and uncountable, plural reuses)

  1. The act of salvaging or in some manner restoring a discarded item to yield something usable.
  2. The act of using again, or in another place.
    Code reuse can save programmers a lot of typing.



reuse (third-person singular simple present reuses, present participle reusing, simple past and past participle reused)

  1. To use again something that is considered past its usefulness (usually for something else).
    The students reused empty plastic bottles in their science experiment.
  2. To use again, or in another place.
    • 2021 July 14, Paul Stephen, “A portal into the future”, in RAIL, number 935, page 52:
      The estimated 2.7 million cubic metres of chalk and flint excavated from each tunnel (and then mixed with water to create slurry) will be treated and then reused to landscape the site and create a 127-hectare chalk grassland habitat.

Derived termsEdit