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rhyme off

  1. (chiefly Canada, idiomatic, transitive) To list or recite quickly.
    • 1944, "Talk of the Town," Toronto Daily Star (Canada), 8 Jan., p. 11:
      Say, that was quite a list of expenses Heffering rhymed off.
    • 1977, "Businessmen get involved with Riverdale students," North Shore News (Canada), 1 Sep., p. 15 (retrieved 24 July 2009):
      However, she rhymed off a list of high achievers and well-known personalities who were known to suffer from learning disabilities.
    • 2008, Jane Armstrong, "Is life any better in Georgia, ‘beacon of democracy’?," Globe and Mail (Canada), 4 Jan. (retrieved 24 July 2009):
      Sitting in an armchair beside a blazing fire in a community centre, Mr. Saakashvili rhymed off a list of his government's accomplishments.