A rockfish of the genus Sebastes (Sebastes nebulosus)


From rock +‎ fish.



rockfish (countable and uncountable, plural rockfish or rockfishes)

  1. (usually uncountable) Any of a large number of different species of fish, which dwell among rocks, specifically:
    1. The family Sebastidae, marine fishes that inhabit oceans around the world
      1. Sebastes, mainly of the North Pacific
    2. Acanthoclinus, a genus of fish from New Zealand
    3. Scyliorhinus stellaris (nursehound), a shark known as rock salmon when used in cuisine
    4. Hexagrammos, a genus of greenling from the North Pacific
    5. Hypoplectrodes, a genus of fish in the family Serranidae
    6. Salvelinus, a genus of fish in the salmon family
    7. The stonefishes (genus Synanceia), venomous fishes from the Indo-Pacific
    8. The striped bass (Morone saxatilis), a species of fish from North America
    9. Certain groupers, in the subfamily Epinephelinae
    10. Certain fish of genus Scorpaena, such as the Madeira rockfish (Scorpaena maderensis), a common Mediterranean species
    11. Myliobatis goodei (southern eagle ray)
    12. The logperch (Percina caprodes), also known as the common logperch or log perch
    13. The long-spined bullhead (Taurulus bubalis)
  2. (derogatory, slang, ethnic slur, US) A black person who does not know how to swim.
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