Compound of shqip + -oj (I) (active voice personal suffix).

Origin of shqip is disputed:

  1. Petar Skok suggested that shqip originated from Scupi (Shkup), the capital of the Roman province of Dardania (today's Skopje).[1]
  2. Also claimed as from Latin excipiō;(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?) a compound of Latin ex- + capiō (I take out).
  3. However, this reflects on Albanian sh- (de-, ex-) + kap (grab, catch, grip). Hence "outfold, let out; skip" meaning; as in shkep, shkabë.
    sh- (de-, dis-, ex-) from the same root as ith (behind), namely Proto-Indo-European *h₁eǵʰs - from which Latin Latin ex- also derived and is a cognate to Albanian sh-.[2]
    kap (grab, catch, grip): from Proto-Albanian *kapa, from Proto-Indo-European *keh₂p- - Latin capiō derived from the same Indo-European root a is also cognate to Albanian kap.[3][4]
  4. Might be a deverbal from shqipe, shkype, modern forms of the old term shkabë (eagle); which derived from Proto-Albanian *iš-gabā, from Proto-Indo-European *kobuǵos. A cognate to English hawk, Latin capys (bird of prey), Russian ко́бец (kóbec, falcon) and Romanian scaba (white-tailed eagle, sea eagle).



shqipoj (first-person singular past tense shqipova, participle shqipuar)

  1. (archaic) I say clearly


  • conjugation I, class I, subclass 1a / type: -oj; -ohem


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