sign off

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sign off (plural sign offs)

  1. (broadcasting) The closing of a radio or television station's studios and cessation of the broadcasting signal, usually overnight.
    Sign off for the small-town radio station was at midnight.


sign off (third-person singular simple present signs off, present participle signing off, simple past and past participle signed off)

  1. (idiomatic) To log off; to stop using a computer, radio, etc., especially to stop talking.
    He finished the conversation and signed off.
  2. (broadcasting) To cease broadcasting a radio or television signal, usually at the end of a broadcasting day.
    Before he signed off the radio station for the night, the disc jockey played the National Anthem.
  3. (followed by “on”) to give one's official approval to something for which it is needed
    Once the vice-president signs off on the project, we can start construction.