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From spodrs (shiny, glossy, clean) +‎ -ums.


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spodrums m (1st declension)

  1. shininess, glossiness, luster (the quality of that which is shiny, glossy)
    grīdas līdzenums un spodrums rada priekšstatu par telpā valdošo kārtībuthe smoothness and shininess of the floor gave an idea of the orderliness reigning in the room
    istabā bija liela tīrība: logu rūtis laistījās aiz spodrumain the room there was great cleanliness: the windows were sparkling with shininess
  2. cleanliness (the quality of which is clean, cleanly, well-kept)
    mūsu dārzos, mūsu sētas / tīrība un spodrums baltsin our gardens, in our yards / cleanliness and cleanness white
  3. (of lights, light sources) shine, glow (relative brightness, intensity)
    gaismas spodrumsthe shine, brightness of the light



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