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steeple +‎ chase, from horse races in 18th century Ireland in which orientation of the course was by reference to a church steeple.

Pronunciation edit

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  • Hyphenation: steeple‧chase[1]

Noun edit

steeplechase (plural steeplechases)

  1. (chiefly Britain, equestrianism) A horse race, either across open country, or over an obstacle course.
  2. (athletics) An athletics event in which the runners have to run 3000 metres round a track, jumping hurdles and a water obstacle along the way

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Verb edit

steeplechase (third-person singular simple present steeplechases, present participle steeplechasing, simple past and past participle steeplechased)

  1. To take part in a steeplechase event.

References edit

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