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Danish edit

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /stajə/, [ˈsd̥ɑjə], [ˈsd̥ɑːɪ]

Etymology 1 edit

From Old Danish stekæ, from Old Norse steikja, derived from steik (roast), from Proto-Germanic *staikō. Related to the verb *stikaną (to stick).

Verb edit

stege (imperative steg, infinitive at stege, present tense steger, past tense stegte, perfect tense har stegt)

  1. to roast
  2. to braise
  3. to fry
  4. to grill
  5. to broil
Declension edit
Conjugation edit

Etymology 2 edit

See the etymology of the corresponding lemma form.

Noun edit

stege c

  1. indefinite plural of steg

Dutch edit

Verb edit


  1. (dated or formal) singular past subjunctive of stijgen

Anagrams edit

Swedish edit

Etymology edit

From Old Norse stigi and stegi. Cognate with Icelandic stigi.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

stege c

  1. ladder
  2. (poker) straight; five cards in sequence

Declension edit

Declension of stege 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative stege stegen stegar stegarna
Genitive steges stegens stegars stegarnas

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